• We’ll give a refund 48 hours following your cancellation or the cancellation of your host, whichever comes first.
  • When you cancel or send us a cancellation notification email, you can select “Initiate refund” if you’d want us to start the refund process more quickly.
  • You won’t notice a refund to your account if you cancel a “Book instantly” trip less than 40 hours after booking because we did not charge you.
  • The charge was authorized but not processed by us.
    There won’t be a charge on your account after we release the authorisation.
    Find out more information on authorizations and when we bill you for a trip.
  • You won’t see a refund on your account if you submit a trip request and your host ignores it or rejects it since we never paid you; we only carry out a charge when the host accepts the trip request.
    Our system will immediately give a refund if you alter your trip in a way that lowers the cost.
    We’ll start the refund process if we charged you for the security deposit. If you meet each of the following requirements, 80 hours after the tour ends:
  • No car damage has been reported by the host, and you’ve paid all legitimate refund invoices.