Kwelan Shield


This Protection Agreement (“Agreement”) governs the terms and conditions of Kwelan Shield (“the Shield”), providing additional protection for minor damages to vehicles booked through This Agreement aims to foster a secure and trustworthy environment for Users and car owners within the Kwelan community. By choosing to utilize Kwelan Shield, you (“the User”) agree to adhere to the terms outlined below.

  1. Extra Protection Coverage

1.1 Kwelan Shield is designed to offer supplementary protection for minor damages that may occur during the rental period. This coverage addresses small dents, scratches, and other non-critical issues that do not affect the overall functionality or safety of the vehicle.

1.2 The coverage under Kwelan Shield is not to be construed as traditional insurance but rather as an extra layer of protection, enhancing the overall experience for Users and providing added assurance for car owners.

1.3 Kwelan Shield does not cover damages resulting from intentional misconduct, violations of Kwelan’s Terms of Service, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or damages caused by unauthorized drivers not listed on the booking.

  1. Coverage Contribution

2.1 Users who opt for Kwelan Shield contribute an additional fee equal to 8% of the total value of their booking. This contribution is a proactive measure to support the cost of extra protection throughout the booking duration.

2.2 The 8% contribution is a nominal fee that ensures Users and car owners benefit from enhanced protection, contributing to a sense of security and trust within the Kwelan community.

  1. Reporting and Resolution

3.1 In the event of minor damages covered by Kwelan Shield, Users and car owners must adhere to a streamlined reporting process:

  • Users are encouraged to promptly report incidents through the Kwelan app, providing detailed information and photos of the damages.
  • Swift reporting ensures a streamlined resolution process, maintaining the integrity of Kwelan Shield protection.
  1. Repair Process and Approved Service Providers

4.1 Users and car owners are guided through a straightforward repair process under Kwelan Shield:

  • Upon reporting the damage, Users and car owners can choose from a list of Kwelan-approved service providers for the repair.
  • Repair costs at these approved service providers will be covered by Kwelan Shield, fostering a consistent and quality repair process.

4.2 Users and car owners are responsible for any repair costs that exceed the predefined value caps set for their vehicle category:

  • Hatchbacks: Up to K3,000
  • Sedans: Up to K4,000
  • Minivans: Up to K5,500
  • SUVs & Pick-ups: Up to K6,500
  1. Deductible

5.1 Kwelan Shield has been structured to be user-friendly, eliminating the need for a deductible. This approach ensures that Users can enjoy comprehensive protection without additional financial burdens.

  1. Termination and Modifications

6.1 Kwelan reserves the right to modify or terminate Kwelan Shield at its discretion, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptability to the needs of the community.

6.2 Any modifications or terminations will not affect claims for damages incurred before the termination date, assuring Users and car owners of consistent protection during the booked period.

  1. Changes to Agreement

7.1 Users will be kept informed of any significant changes to this Agreement through email notifications or notices on the website.

  1. Contact Information

8.1 For any questions or inquiries regarding Kwelan Shield or this Agreement, Users can contact Kwelan customer support at

  1. Governing Law

9.1 Any disputes or legal matters related to Kwelan Shield will be governed by the laws of Zambia, establishing a clear legal framework for dispute resolution.

By choosing Kwelan Shield, Users acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this Protection Agreement. Kwelan Shield provides additional protection for minor damages, promoting a secure and trusting environment for all parties involved in the Kwelan community.