With Kwelan, the largest vehicle sharing marketplace in the country, you can take charge of your financial destiny while nurturing your entrepreneurial spirit.

Kwelan offers aspiring business owners the skills and tools they need to create a manageable portfolio of automobiles to rent out on the market and the chance to increase their annual revenue by thousands of Kwacha.

Start by listing your first automobile, then develop your business strategy and scale it as you see fit!

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Create a company that's...


You decide how many vehicles to share, how big or small to grow your business, and whether to reinvest your profits or take them outright.


Any vehicle owner may begin flexing their business muscles. Start with a car you currently own or buy to share.

Partners FQA's

Creating an account is quick and simple, and it shouldn’t take more than two minutes. You must sign up for Kwelan with either your email address or your Google account. You can explore the Kwelan platform, look for vehicles to hire, or advertise your own vehicle for rental once you’ve registered an account. Once your account is created, you will need to provide more details in order to rent or list a car for verification purposes. If you have all the required paperwork, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete.

It costs nothing to list your car and takes approximately 10 minutes. Put your automobile up for sale and start using it. Create an account by signing up, then select “List your automobile.” You must complete a number of processes that involve submitting documentation (Lic disc, Drivers Lic and Images of your vehicle). Additionally, you will enter all the information about the vehicle, and our calculator will provide a daily cost based on those of other vehicles that are comparable to yours. To enhance the possibility that your car will be rented, follow the instructions and make sure you upload great, clear images.

You will begin to receive rental inquiries via email and SMS as soon as your vehicle is posted. We pre-screen every driver, but you get to choose who drives your rental car. Before approving the booking request, you must swiftly respond to the renter’s inquiries and address any concerns they might have. You will be informed once payment has been received along with the deadline for turning in the vehicle. After that, you get in touch with the tenant to set up handover on the rental start date.

Set a time and location for handing the renter the keys and performing a vehicle inspection. After that, you both need to sign the trip checklist to show that you both accepted the car’s condition at the outset. When you agree to the booking request, you will receive a copy of this document. The renter can pick up the automobile from you, or you can opt to drop it off at a designated location or an airport. Depending on the distance, there will be an additional delivery charge. Following the rental time, you will meet again to accept the vehicle back and verify that it is in the same condition as when it was delivered.

On the 25th of the month, Kwelan will deposit into your bank account 70% of the total days rented at the daily rate. Send us the trip checklist and the receipts as soon as possible after the rental is over if there are any additional costs (such as the fuel is not at the same level as when you surrendered the car, for example). The renter will subsequently be held accountable for payment.

Customer FAQ's

Renters may reserve a car by looking through our inventory of vehicles, selecting a vehicle, and then completing their booking request. When a first-time renter books a car, they are “authorized to drive.” After your first booking, everything becomes simpler and faster. Before you may reserve a car, you must create a Kwelan account. Register here if you don’t already have one.

Following the owner’s approval of your request, you pay for your vacation. When you click “Request Booking,” the owner receives an email and/or SMS stating that you are “reserving” his car for the specified periods. An email or SMS is sent to you to confirm that the car is available when the owner confirms your reservation. Until you pay using one of the other payment methods*, the reservation is now “waiting payment.” When your money has been received and cleared, the rental request will change from “pending” to “booked,” and the owner and you will be notified by email and/or SMS.

You can, indeed! And if you do, we would much appreciate it. You will get an email and an SMS after the rental to remind you to rate and evaluate the experience. You may also log in to RentMyRide, scroll to “My Reviews,” and then click on your profile in the right top corner.

Any extension of a journey once it has begun is considered a brand-new excursion. You must email the owner a fresh booking request if you want to extend your trip. For instance, if a renter successfully extends a 2-week vacation to a 3-day trip, the renter will be charged twice: once for the 2-week trip and once for the 3-day trip. Before your booking expires, an SMS will be sent to you to notify you of the extended booking. Please submit your request for an extension as soon as you can before your trip is over, so the owner has time to approve or reject it and there is less chance that someone else will reserve the car right after you.



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