Vendor Agreement With Kwelan



Information Given at Registration:

When you sign-up for Kwelan, you will identify a particular passenger car(s) that you want to list for rent through the marketplace. Each car must meet the requirements provided by Kwelan on the website from time to time. You may only use the marketplace in connection with cars that you own or otherwise have all the necessary rights and permissions to rent out.


Car Availability:

Once you accept a reservation and it is booked, you are required to make the car available as expected by the renter. You must also include the location of the car on your profile page and ensure that the car is available at that location at the beginning of the rental period.


Rental Fees:

You will have the ability to set and revise the vehicle’s rental rates as you choose. Kwelan will pay you the amount collected from those who rent your car, net of the applicable fees payable to Kwelan, as well as any taxes or similar charges that Kwelan collects. You acknowledge that Kwelan’s fees may change from time to time. The fees that apply to you will be the same as posted on the Kwelan website at the time of the applicable rental. Payment to the owner from Kwelan will be initiated on the 25th of the month and will include all relevant amounts earned from the 20th of the previous payment month up until the 19th of the current payment month; provided that Kwelan may impose reasonable minimums for each payment. To the extent you owe Kwelan money for any reason, Kwelan also reserves the right to deduct those amounts from your payment. Please note that you are fully responsible for all taxes relating to or arising out of your activities under this Agreement. Kwelan will need certain information from you to ensure we can report income paid to you as required by law. Kwelan may withhold payments until we have received that information from you.


Refund Policy:

If the vehicle becomes inoperable during the rental period and cannot be fixed within 1 day or a reasonable time frame agreed upon by the owner and renter, the renter will be refunded for the remainder of the rental period, from the moment the vehicle became inoperable, and in the process discontinue the use of the vehicle.



You are required to regularly check your car for any defects in its operations or safety and have your car inspected as described here. You promise that, at all times, your car will be in safe and roadworthy condition, in good mechanical condition, and in full compliance with all applicable inspection and registration requirements. You agree to respond to any recall or similar safety notices and to complete any recommended action promptly. If Kwelan believes that your car does not conform to reasonable standards, Kwelan will notify you and reserves the right to refrain from listing your car on the marketplace until its concerns have been resolved. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure the renter does not go over the vehicle’s service interval.



Kwelan may, from time to time and at its expense, require that certain labels or other markings, be temporarily affixed to your car while you participate in the marketplace.Kwelan will provide instructions for the removal of those labels or decals in connection with any termination of your participation in the marketplace.


Event Reporting:

If you believe that a renter has caused any damage to your car, you are required to document this damage, with the renter, on the “Trip Checklist” that was used to record outgoing damage at the start of the rental. Any new damage must be recorded on the “Trip Checklist” and signed by both renter and owner in order to qualify for cover. The “Trip Checklist” must be sent, signed or not signed, to immediately after the return of the vehicle. In any event, with each break in a rental activity, you need to inspect your car and report any damage that you believe was caused by a renter. Based on its investigation, Kwelan will reasonably determine whether the damage was caused in the course of the renter’s use of the car. If it was, Kwelan will Assist the owner to process an insurance claim for the damages caused during the rental period. Such assistance being subject to the renter & owner fully cooperating with the relevant parties.



Kwelan provides a marketplace to allow car owners and renters to connect in an easy and efficient way. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, Kwelan and the applicable car renter do not accept liability with respect to your use of the Kwelan marketplace. as such, you waive any and all rights you have to sue or make claims against Kwelan and its respective directors, officers, agents, or employees (the “Kwelan parties”) and the car renters for any damages or losses arising out of or in connection with your use of this marketplace including, without limitation, a car not being available when it was supposed to be, in the case of the Kwelan parties, any actions or inaction of the car renter.


Vehicle Returns and Pickups:

It is the responsibility of the owner to report to Kwelan if a vehicle was not returned on the last day of the rental period which will be up to the last day the renter paid for. Kwelan will not be responsible for rental charges if the vehicle was not reported as being returned to the owner. Kwelan will not be responsible for any liability if the vehicle is damaged after the last day of the renter’s rental period where the owner did not report to Kelan the car was not returned by the renter. Kwelan is not responsible for any rental charges or take any liability if an owner hands over a vehicle to a renter if the renter did not pay for the rental yet. The owner will receive an email and email from RentMyRide to confirm that the renter has paid for the car before the renter will be able to take possession of the car. Owners must check the renter’s driver’s license in order to confirm the identity of the renter. Kwelan will not be liable for cars that were handed over to a person that is not the renter.